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Star Wars Fanfiction
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This LJ will be open for all members to post stories, poems, ficlets, drabbles, and any type of written fanworks dealing with any character in the Star Wars universe.

Anything goes, in terms of pairings, ratings, and Alternate Universe kinds of fics. They just have to be Star Wars relevent, and they won't be taken down.

When posting links or fics behind cuts, please include a rating of the fic and a quick summary. An easy guideline is:

Place In Timeline:
Short Summary:

The rules of the community are:
1. No flaming.

2. Constructive criticism isn't "You suck." You can tell someone that they should check spelling, or suggest a way to make characterization better.

3. Posts need to be related to Star Wars. You have your own personal journals to write about your life in, which can be accessed through the friends' page.

4. LJ Cut stories. A LJ Cut looks like: [lj-cut text="..."] and then ends with [/lj-cut] after the fic. Except, of course, you replace the [ ]'s with < >'s.

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